Smart Bed

Senses pressure. Automatically responds. Customizable support for up to 5 comfort zones. 

The Next Generation of Smart Beds

Sleep2Win automatically senses and adjusts
to your unique body.

Up to 5 Comfort Zones

Up to 5 separate comfort zones

Medical-Grade Components

Built with medical-grade components  

Automatically Adjusts

Automatically adjusts while you sleep

10-Year Full Warranty

10 year non-prorated
full warranty

What’s in the Sleep2Win Bed?

Sleep2Win gives you more smart bed features and sleep benefits than any other bed on the market.

1. CopperTek™ Cover

The copper cover defends against germs for clean and healthy sleep

2. Copper Comfort Foam

The enhanced copper foam dynamically responds to your unique body

3. Gel™ Memory Foam

The memory foam keeps you cool with self-contouring support and comfort


4. Smart Sensor

The Smart Sensor automatically adapts to your unique body while you sleep

5. Multiple Air Chambers

Multiple air chambers give you targeted firmness control where you need it

6. Medical-Grade Design

The components are made from the finest medical-grade materials

Sleep Better with Sleep2Win  

Sleep2Win adapts to your unique needs to give you a better night of sleep every time. 


Back Pain


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Peace of Mind

The Sleep2Win® Warranty

Your bed for life – Sleep2Win is backed by an industry leading, 10 year non-prorated warranty. It’s just another reason that you’ll sleep better with Sleep2Win.