Sleep Better With Sleep2Win®

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Rest, relax and rejuvenate with Sleep2Win. 




Athletes need more sleep and better support than many people. This is because the most important physical and mental recovery happens during sleep. Sleep2Win improves circulation, heart rate, and breathing rate for optimal recovery, and its targeted comfort releases tension in all body types. Sleep2Win also sleeps cool thanks to its 4 inches of cooling gel memory foam, so athletes can stay fresh and avoid night sweats.


Couples typically have different body types and sleeping preferences, which means it’s nearly impossible to choose a mattress that accommodates them both—until now. Sleep2Win smart beds allow couples to adjust each side of the bed for custom comfort.

Back Pain Sufferers

Relief from back pain comes from proper spinal alignment and pressure point relief while sleeping. If your back is misaligned at night, it will hurt all day long. Sleep2Win’s automatic 5-zone support keeps your spine and body aligned from head to toe, no matter your sleep position or how many times you change position throughout the night. Perfect alignment releases tension and allows you to wake up fully rested.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers tend to roll over and change sleeping positions throughout the night. These sleepers can often have issues with pain and discomfort because most mattresses only accommodate a certain sleep position. If you sleep on your stomach, a firm mattress is better for your spine. But if you sleep on your side, you need a softer mattress to cushion your hips and shoulders. Sleep2Win smart beds can automatically adjust to your different sleep positions so you rest well the entire night.

Sleepers Who Want The Best

Who doesn’t want the best? Smart beds are the future of sleep, delivering the very best comfort and proper body alignment for your overall well-being. For those who love a truly luxurious feel at night and high energy mornings, a smart bed like Sleep2Win is the best choice.