With Copper Infusion

Perfect Temperature Regulation

Naturally regulates temperature with cooling properties for a perfect sleep temperature all night


Anti-bacterial/Anit-microbial &oder Neutralizing

• Naturally self-cleans & defends against germs & bacteria growth
• Odor neutralizing
• Naturally keeps mattress fresh & clean


Copper Comfort

Naturally delivers support to the body w/ ‘responsive firming’ for all night comfortable spinal support


Renewal & Rejuvenate

• Naturally promotes energy & vitality to create wellness &
emotional balance
• Research on the benefits of copper suggest it provides soothing relief to the body by improving circulation, reducing tissue inflammation and rejuvenating sore muscle fibers to renew the body


Environmentally Friendly

• Copper can be recycled over & over
• It has the highest recycling rate of any metal in the world
• CertiPUR-US® Certified foams