1. Sleep2Win® warrants that our beds will be free from defects in both workmanship and materials, and will remain in good working order under normal use for the warranty period of 10 years.

2. The Sleep2Win® smart bed is constructed with a modular design, meaning most repairs and/or warranty replacements will require only a new component. In the event of a warranty claim, there will often be no need to replace the entire mattress.

3. Because of our modular design, Sleep2Win® will cover 100% the cost of the replacement component as well as any shipping costs to the home for 10 years from date of delivery.  Sleep2Win will attempt to have the necessary replacement component(s) shipped within 1-3 days, however, depending on the location and shipping availability, replacement components may take up to 5-7 business days.

4. If you are using a metal frame, a 5-or 6-legged metal bed frame is required on a Queen or King size. For Twin-XL size beds, your warranty will be valid with the use of a 4-legged metal frame. Most platform beds are also considered adequate support.

5. Warranty does not apply if bedding has been burned or otherwise abused or damaged.

6. Sleep2Win® warranty is valid only to the original purchaser.

7. The Sleep2Win 10 year warranty does apply to all the components within the Sleep2Win® smart bed itself, including the following:

    • Pumps
    • Sensors
    • Support foam layers
    • Edge support rails
    • Adjustable air chambers
    • Removable top cover

As with all premium sleep products, certain body conformity adaptations will take place as your mattress adjusts to your particular body shape and size. This is to be expected and is part of the normal wear of any bed. Normal body impressions (not greater than 1.5“) are not covered by the warranty.

If you need to contact Sleep2Win® for a warranty claim, please call (800) 323-4349.